Vertical Turbine Pumps

The turbine range is the backbone of the Pomona Pump company, and these pumps have been manufactured in Australia by Pomona since 1942. The vertical turbine was originally introduced as a deep bore pump for the expanding agricultural market where sub-terrain irrigation was the only option.

The Pomona turbine is available to suit bore sizes from 100-900mm with capacities up to 600 litres per second and heads up to 500 metres. These pumps are available as either line shaft or submersible electric models. Pomona vertical turbine pumps are commonly used for agriculture, with other applications in the petrochemical, power station, pulp and paper, mining, fire fighting and industrial sectors throughout Australia.

The Pomona turbine is a multi-stage pump where the number of impeller stages is added to suit exact head requirements. In designing your pumping installation, the operational costs are closely monitored and Pomona’s detailed selection criteria ensure that the best pump for the task is supplied.