Axial & Mix Flow Propellor Pumps

Pomona's Axial and Mix Flow propeller pumps are designed for large capacities where relatively low pumping heads are required. These pumps were originally designed for agriculture, where large quantities of water were transferred from rivers and lakes into channels and pipes to irrigate vast areas of Australian farm land. Today these same pumps are used throughout the industrial sector, where high efficiency ratings and proven reliability are a necessity.

Pump sizes are available from 250mm to 900mm with flows between 100-2500 litres per second. Pomona’s Axial and Mix Flow pumps are ideal for pumping fresh, salt or contaminated water.

In order to meet these varied requirements, Pomona can produce pumps in standard materials such as cast iron and bronze, but can also manufacture in stainless steel, super duplex, ni-resist and any other material combination requested. All pumps are manufactured in materials best suited to your individual needs.