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The Pomona pump range was created in 1942 to meet the demands of the rapidly-expanding Australian agricultural industry. Because Pomona pumps could be readily applied to any installation - boreholes, rivers, dams or streams – our early pump installations were an immediate success.

Next came the introduction of special Pomona pumps for secondary industry - chemical pumps, fire pumps, gaso-fuel pumps, booster pumps - all designed and constructed as required by the application.

Today we supply a broad cross-section of industries across Australia with our tailor-made pumping solutions. Pomona’s range of turbine, propeller and non-clog pumps allows our engineers to create the best possible pumping solution for any given application, guaranteeing each pump is correctly engineered for optimum performance.

Pomona Pumps' expertise and experience assures you of sound advice, quality workmanship, effective, economical pumping, and a genuine ongoing interest in your Pomona equipment wherever it may be.